Supermoon, Bluemoon, Total Lunar Eclipse – all at once.

Yes, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the total lunar eclipse on 31 Jan 2018., the moon will rise in the east being eclipsed.

Interesting facts are

  1. Moon rising is beautiful sight any day at the horizon. it’s orange/reddish Moon.
  2. This rising moon is totally eclipse – the moon turns full red and even darker.
  3. Moon is in its perigee position making it the closest to earth and being full moon day it appears 14% bigger and nearly 30% brighter than the apogee full moon. – thus the eclipsed moon is bigger than before visually due to the horizon rising effect and perigee position.
  4.  Lastly ! this is second full moon in Jan 2018 that’s blue moon ! (not blue in color, but the name given to second full moon in a month)

If you miss observing it, you may see another lunar eclipse but not the one which is rising, even if you get a combination by changing the location, you may not be seeing the perigee eclipse moon till 25 Nov 2034 ! even then it would not be a blue moon 🙂

Think over and make your arrangements to watch the total lunar eclipse !

  • Best locations are top of the tall building, beaches, places where the horizon is clearly visible.
  • No equipment is required, but looking through a binocular or telescopes would be awesome. Viewing the LUNAR eclipse is completely safe for eyes even with telescope.
  • Schools, colleges, corporate and apartments can arrange their own as no guidelines is required to see moon.




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